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End grip for pipes


StampLoad capacity per pair, (t)Weight 1 piece, (kg)The size of the throat of the grip (mm)Order registration
ЗНК1 - 2,0/22,02,0740
ЗНК1 - 3,2/23,22,7140
ЗНК1 - 4,0/24,03,4340
ЗНК1 - 5,0/25,03,9040
ЗНК1 - 6,3/26,34,7740
ЗНК1 - 8,0/28,05,7340
ЗНК1 - 10,0/210,09,5740
ЗНК1 - 12,5/212,510,5240
ЗНК1 - 15,0/215,010,7040
ЗНК1 - 25,0/225,024,6050

An end pipe grapple is used during installation and loading and unloading operations with cylindrical products - pipes, profiles, etc. Such a device, resembling a hook in shape, provides for fixing and moving the tubular products in a horizontal position.

Structurally, the gripping element is a hook with a wide nose and a narrow slot, where the end pipe wall is inserted. Such form ensures not only reliable fixation of the load, but also the absence of deforming loads on it. That is, even the most thin-walled products will not be damaged when using this element.

In Yekaterinburg, end pipe grapples are widely used in the following industries:

  • Industrial and civil construction;
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Public utilities