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Magnetic PML capture

Магнитные захваты для листового металла

When using PML magnetic grippers, the process of lifting and moving sheet metal is greatly simplified. OOO "Sling-Kit" offers these devices at competitive prices.

The design of these devices is based on a lifting bracket on a hinge and a permanent neodymium magnet (NdFeB). It creates a field that securely holds products made of ferromagnetic materials. Turning the device on or off is performed by turning the handle. The presence of a magnetic grip eliminates the need to use traverse lines and slings. The proposed device is conveniently attached to hoists, hoists and other lifting mechanism.

Magnetic PML captureDimensions, (mm)Product weight, (kg)Order registration
0,395 х 180 х 21011,0
0,6115 х 220 х 26517,5
1,0145 х 220 х 32538,0

Magnetic gripper for sheet metal can be used in industrial enterprises, construction organizations, transport hubs, workshops, etc. the Use of these devices helps to improve safety and productivity when performing rigging work.

Key features of PML magnetic grippers for sheet metal
Durable, safe and reliable construction.
Excellent weight and size indicators.
Easy and convenient to use.
Increased pull-off force.
Safety of use (presence of a stopper).
Undemanding to the application conditions.
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