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For barrels

For more convenient lifting and moving the barrels, special grips are used. LLC Srop-Komplekt offers  such lifting devices for sale at competitive prices in Surgut and other Russian cities.

Цепной строп с захватами для бочек

Цепной строп с захватами для бочек

Захват для бочки "Бумеранг"Захват для бочки "Бумеранг"

Chain sling with hooks for the barrel
Capture for the "boomerang" barrel"

The range of drum clamps we sell for lifting and moving barrels includes the following models:

  • chain slings with drum clamps;
  • drum clamp "Boomerang".

The load-lifting equipment presented in the catalog is made of modern materials. Such clamps perfectly proved themselves in work and can be successfully used for lifting and moving various types of barrels, including plastic and metal, with open and closed tops. Such lifting equipment can be operated at the enterprises of the chemical and oil industries, as well as at warehouses and transport hubs.

Drum clamps purchased from the company LLC Strop-Komplekt are distinguished by:

  • functionality and tolerance to operating conditions;
  • careful load capture;
  • reliability in work;
  • ease of use;
  • high level of safety;
  • increased load factor;
  • manufacturer's warranty;
  • long period of operation;
  • optimal balance between price and quality.

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