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ТРВ Traverses for loading pipes for loading pipes

TRV Traverses for loading pipes are designed for loading steel pipes into railway gondola cars and onto platforms, unloading, storing and loading onto pipe trucks with the help of truck cranes. Traverses are also used for unloading pipes from pipe carriers and stacking them on pipe welding bases with the help of pipe layers.

TРВ traverses are made in several options:

TРВ-ПM are designed for overloading steel pipes with textile slings by pickup method


TРВ-У are designed for loading steel pipes with end grippers for pipes



МаркаLoad capacity, (t)Diameter of the raised pipeline, (mm)Length of the lifted pipeline, (m)Overall dimensions LxWxH, (mm)Weight without attachments, (kg)Order registration
ТРВ-61У6,0377 - 8208 - 129000Х500Х600400,0
ТРВ-182У18,01020 - 14208 - 129900Х550Х6001200,0
ТРВ-252У25,01020 - 14208 - 129000Х900Х10001600
ТРВ-322У32,01020 - 14208 - 129900Х600Х18002500,0
ТРВ-81ПМ8,0102012 - 365000Х500Х2000400,0
ТРВ-321ПМ32,01020 - 142012 - 366000Х600Х8001000,0

The traverse is designed for laying УБО concrete weighs in a trench, as well as for loading and unloading during the construction and repair of main pipelines.

Traverses with soft towel-type-slings are designed to hold when lifting, moving and laying in the trench an insulated pipeline by periodic interception, as well as pipes and sections up to 36 m long, when welding the pipeline into a "string".

The kit includes a metal traverse and soft towel-type-slings.