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Beams for pipes

LLC Strop-Komplekt offers modern lifting equipment, including traverses for loading pipes. You can purchase these devices of high quality from our company as reasonable price.

ТРВ Traverses for loading pipes for loading pipes
Traverse TRV UBO 10.0 t for weighters
Траверсы с мягкими полотенцами ПМ для труб

Traverses for loading pipes are used with load-lifting special equipment of various classes. It is a welded beam equipped with pendants symmetrically placed at the edges. The main purpose of the product is lifting and transporting pipes, including on sites with limited height. It is often used when loading goods into wagons and specialized tractors.

Traverses for loading pipes are presented in our catalog in three varieties:

  • loading;
  • for concrete weights;
  • Soft Towel-Type-Slings STS.

The main condition for the operation of such devices is compliance with the carrying capacity. Our experts will provide a product that fully meets customer requirements for various parameters. The rich experience and professionalism of employees, the use of the most modern materials and advanced technologies - these are the main reasons why our products are of high quality.

We offer customers convenient service in Surgut and other Russian cities. So, our company incurs the cost of communication with customers - all incoming calls are free for customers. We pack traverses for pipes and other goods using marked adhesive tape, which speeds up the process of cargo receiving.

The production, warehouses and office of LLC Strop-Komplekt are located on the same territory in a convenient location - 200 meters from the bypass road, so buyers from the Sverdlovsk Region can send bulky heavy transport to fetch the goods.