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Screw cable clamp DIN 1142 Weight, (kg)

Винтовой зажим DIN 1142

LLC Strop-Komplekt is engaged in the sale of screw clamps DIN 1142. You can buy our products in Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities at reasonable price with delivery to any region. Experienced experts will advise on the features of operation, product functionality, conditions of sale, will assist in making a choice.

Standard size, (mm)Rope diameter, (mm)Recommended number of clips per loopWeight, (kg) / 100 PCs.Order registration
6,55,1 - 6,254,0
86,9 - 8,368,2
109,1 - 10,569,2
1311,0 - 12,0627,5
1613,0 - 15,5643,0
1916,0 - 18,0649,0
2219,5 - 21,0768,0
2622,0 - 25,57117,0
3027,0 - 29,08140,0
3430,5 - 32,08213,0
4033,0 - 39,58268,0

Screw clamp DIN 1142 is a practical element for fixing the ropes. Its technical characteristics allow it to work in various climatic conditions. The product is made on the basis of progressive alloys containing high alloy steel. In combination with a galvanized coating, this gives the rope fixation products excellent physical properties. Each clamp is tested for functionality in the factory. The products have the manufacturer’s warranty.

The screw clamp DIN 1142 has a more reinforced structure compared to DIN 741. It is distinguished by high strength, exceptional reliability, high load capacity. Products of this type are suitable for connecting ropes, cables together, as well as for making loops at the ends of cables for organizing lifting operations. The size of the product is determined by the diameter of the attached cable.

A reliable cable fixing element is used in critical fixing systems. It allows not only to create special loops, but also designed to lengthen them.

Advantages of DIN 1142 clamps:

  • thoughtful design (the product includes a molded case, a U-shaped curved stud, nuts);
  • simple lifting devices are a good way to create a detachable connection;
  • maximum reliability of the design is ensured in a position where the distance between the internal components of the body and the stud does not exceed 75-85% of the double rope diameter. The upper value is due to the presence of a metal core in the structure;
  • the wear resistance of the metal clamp DIN 1142 provides its long service life.