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Steel cable for General use DIN 3055

Стальной трос DIN 3055

You can always buy a high-quality steel cable DIN 3055 in Surgut and other Russian cities at reasonable price at LLC Strop-Komplekt. We specialize in the sale of factory quality products designed for cargo and other operations in industry, in warehouses. Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Yekaterinburg from available stock. Each consumer, if necessary, receives the advice of a competent specialist, which helps to make the right choice.

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The steel cable DIN 3055 is distinguished by high strength, the ability to operate in heavily loaded systems, mechanisms. This product is in demand in the construction industry, during installation, rigging operations. This type of rope is used for fixing with the subsequent movement of goods, structural elements, various parts.

An inexpensive metal product is made using steel wire, which is twisted from a certain number of strands into a solid structure. First, individual fibers are twisted around the axis, then the resulting strands of rope fibers. Such metal products can effectively solve the problem of moving heavy loads. Ropes of this type are characterized by high tensile strength.

Characteristics of steel cables DIN 3055

Products are made of galvanized steel with increased strength by the weaving method. Standard products are made using 6x7 weaving technology. The design is based on 6 ropes made of 7 rods coated with white zinc. It is possible to manufacture ropes from galvanized alloy steel, or from special austenitic steels A2, A4. The core of the product is impregnated with a lubricating anticorrosive composition. Such a design provides a large working resource.

Цены на стальной канат DIN 3055

Features of steel cables DIN 3055:

  • general-purpose products adapted to create guy cables, slings of various types;

  • the design of the products is identical, only the diameter varies for different designs;

  • stretching coefficient and flexibility depend on the diameter;

  • the choice of products for guy cables is made according to the requirements for a specific task;

  • installation of cables in rigging is carried out by means of shackles, lanyards, eye-nuts, etc.