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Galvanized DIN 1480 Hook-Ring lanyard
Galvanized cargo lanyard DIN 1478 Fork-Plug
Lanyard cargo OS " Fork-Fork "(OST 5.2314-79)

The need to buy a lanyard in Yekaterinburg regularly arises at enterprises operating in the construction and installation sector, industrial production, as well as among individuals. These fastening mechanisms are used to tighten and select slack from ropes and cables used to fix cargo, structural elements, and engineering structures.

Structurally, the fastener is a block with a thread on both sides, where bolts with nozzles in the form of a hook or loop are screwed. They are used to secure slings, cables or ropes.

By rotating them, a threaded rod (bolt) is moved, which affects the tension of the elements. Thus, it can be easily tightened or weakened, depending on the specific task.

The production and sale of lanyards is one of the activities of the company "Strop-Komplekt", which offers a wide range of fasteners for various purposes. The product range includes high-quality products that are distinguished by:

  • Strength and reliability;
  • Resistance to deforming loads;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Affordable price.

You can choose and purchase products on the company website by filling out an order-form with contact details.