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Textile two-branch 2ST sling

Designation of the slingLoad capacity, t.Tape width, (mm)The color of the ribbonOrder registration
2st-2.0 t sling230purple
2st-3.0 t sling360green
2st-4.0 t sling490yellow
2st-5.0 t sling5120gray
2st-6.0 t sling6150red
2st-8.0 t sling8180brown
2st-10.0 t sling10240blue
2st-12.0 t sling12300orange
2st-15.0 t sling15300orange
2st-20.0 t sling20300orange

This is a double lifting sling, with its two legs worn on a lifting link (RT-3 or Oval), equipped with lifting hooks or other end elements.

Purpose and technical characteristics of textile ring slings 2CT

When loading and unloading, slings provide a strong elastic connection between the lifting gear and the load. The textile ring is used on oversize loads, and also where the container does not have loops for hooking, where the packaging requires delicate handling. When lifting, the tape gently "hugs" the load and completely eliminates its mechanical damage. Slings made of polyester are wear-resistant, resistant to deformation, compact during storage and can serve their purpose for a long time.

The textile ring sling 2CT is characterized by the following parameters:

  • carrying capacity;
  • tape width;
  • working length;
  • full ring length;
  • color.

The marking of finished products has 2CT - sign and figures indicating the lifting capacity of the sling.

You can choose and buy CTK textile slings in Surgut and other Russian cities directly on the website of our company. After receiving the application, the specialists of the company's sales department will form an order and invoice for non-cash payment. If you have any questions call us at phone numbers indicated on the page "Contacts" of this website.