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Textile four-branch 4ST sling

Designation of the slingLoad capacity, t.Tape width, (mm)The color of the ribbonOrder registration
4st sling-3.2 t3,230purple
4st sling-5.0 t560green
4st sling-8.0t890yellow
4st sling-10.0t10120gray
4st sling-12.0t12150red
4st sling-16.0t16180brown
4st sling-20.0t20240blue
4st sling-25.0t25300orange
4st sling-32.0t32300orange

Advantages of textile spider slings

The main product advantages include:

  • low weight, making the process of working with slings as convenient as possible. They are very easy to bring under the load. In addition, it will not be difficult to move along the load;
  • high degree of resistance to negative external influences. The product is not afraid of contact with solvents, oil products and other chemically active substances. It is UV and moisture resistant;
  • suitable for operation in any climatic zone;
  • stable operation performance with significant temperature difference;
  • compactness;
  • long service life;
  • wide scope of application;
  • wide range of modifications with different load capacities. This allows you to choose the device best suited to a particular type of cargo.

The polyester used in the production provides high tensile strength, which guarantees a long service life of the device. Most modifications of the presented product are equipped with protective shackles. This increases safety and speeds up the process of securing the load.

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