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Cargo textile slings

In the company "Sling-Komplekt" you can buy loop and ring hoisting textile slings at the price of the manufacturer. We have been manufacturing them in Yekaterinburg for 15 years. Own production allows us to monitor the high quality of all manufactured textile slings and deliver reliable products to the market.

Textile tape slings - lifting devices made of polyether or polyester tape. They are used in construction, work on the movement and transportation of freights, some types of household work. Using textile slings, you can be sure about the integrity of your cargo. A loop or ring wire rope sling gently 'hugs" the load and does not damage its surface. To buy lifting woven slings, choose the type you need:

Textile loop slings STP
Textile ring STK sling
Single-branch textile sling 1ST
Textile two-branch 2ST sling
Textile four-branch 4ST sling

Features of lifting textile slings made by «Strop-Komplekt»

  • We use Russian-made tape for production of textile slings. It is denser and tougher than its Chinese counterparts. Our slings work longer and are less likely to be rejected. For stitching we use a thread identical to the material of the sling tape. At high loads, the thread will not cut the sling.
  • Before selling, we test products on the hydraulic stand of the СИГ-С20-4 model for strength, exceeding the declared load capacity.

Строп грузовой текстильныйЦены на изготовление текстильных строп
Testing textile slings on a hydraulic stand of the СИГ-С20-4 model
    • We supply slings with tags made of durable material, information is imprinted onto them using thermal printing. The tag resists moisture and dirt, the imprinted information will not be erased. It is possible to laminate and sew a tag around the perimeter to the sling. So it will be less in contact with the cargo hook or cargo, and the sling will serve you longer. For aggressive working conditions in which the textile tag wears out quickly, we offer a duplicate metal tag that is attached to the base of the sling loop using a steel cable.

      This makes the finished slings:

      • resistant to heat, sunlight and moisture;

      • possess wear resistance, low hygroscopicity, a high degree of flexibility and frost resistance;

      • not be affected by chemicals, organic solvents and industrial oils;

      • safe and convenient to use;

      • not damage the surface of any load.

      The Strop-Komplekt company makes textile slings of various colors. Each color corresponds to the class of their lifting capacity, according to the generally accepted international code. All textile slings are made in accordance with the standards and requirements of Controlling Documents 24-SZK-01-01. The width of the slings is from 30 to 300mm. The maximum load capacity of the loop textile sling (STP) is 32.0 tons.

    The advantages of a lifting textile sling

    Cargo textile slings have several advantages over steel wire rope or chain products. These include:

    They can be given any shape, which makes their transportation and storage simple and convenient;
    There are no metal burrs or sharp edges on such products that cause personal injury.
        SMALL WEIGHT    
    They are much lighter than metal, which is very convenient when working with heavy-duty slings;
    They are not subject to deformation changes and take their initial form rather quickly.

    All textile slings have width from 30 mm to 300 mm.

    In the Strop-Komplekt company we have loop and ring lifting textile slings, as well as double slings and spider slings for sale. Own production allows us t to monitor the high quality of all manufactured textile slings and deliver reliable products to the market.

    To find out the price or place an order for tape textile slings, leave a request on the website or by phone 8 (800) 200-12-06. Our experts will help you choose products based on the maximum workloads to which they will be subjected, the mode of use and the nature of the load. Textile slings are always in stock. We promptly deliver goods across Yekaterinburg and anywhere in the Russian Federation.