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High-strength soft mounting towels (VMMP)

StampPipe diameter, (mm)Load capacity, (t)The length of the towel, (mm)Width of the sling, (mm)Cover width, (mm)Price, RUB. FROMOrder registration
VMMP-0257 - 1592,0150040750
VMMP-0457 - 2194,0200055900
VMMP-0657 - 2736,0220065900
VMMP-157 - 3258,02200701200
VMMP-2377 - 52916,025001001500
VMMP-3530 - 82025,035001202400
VMMP-4до 120030,060001202400
VMMP-51220 - 142060,060001803000
VMMP-5/11220 - 142025,060001202400
VMMP-5/21220 - 142030,060001202400

High-strength Soft Towel-Type-Slings (HSTS)

are round-strand ring slings made of dense synthetic material and polyester fibers with a special weave. The ring fixture is complemented by a woven wide underlay for the pipe. This design allows you to stabilize the position of long loads when lifting.


HSTS are designed for lifting, moving and laying pipes in trenches, as well as for their joining and soldering in pipeline channels. They are used, as a rule, in the oil and gas and construction industries, during installation and repair of pipelines.


  • durability and reliability;
  • ease of use;
  • light-weight and flexibility;
  • possibility of producing HSTSs with a lifting capacity of up to 100tn.

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