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Round-row textile slings

LLC Strop-Komplekt offers round-strand textile slings with a loading capacity of up to 200 tons. Ring and loop hoisting devices are presented in our range of products.

Round-strand textile slings are made in the form of a core with synthetic fibers arranged in parallel, forming a bundle in the form of a ring and a protective cover around it made of dense synthetic material. Protective cover keeps the core fibers safe from damage and makes them

Textile round-row ring slings
Textile round-row loop slings
High-strength soft mounting towels (VMMP)

Due to its special design, the round-strand sling is very flexible and flexible, therefore it can withstand dynamic loads. It softly fits the transported load, easily takes its shape.

Round-strand slings are successfully used for the most difficult lifting operations, because they easily fit under the construction of any configuration and allow you to implement almost all methods of sling without damaging the surface and geometry of the load.

Round-strand textile slings are made on special technology. This type of cargo device consists of a top seamless casing and an inner ring strand made of high strength polymer fiber. The capacity of the product depends on the number of strands of the tow. They carry the main burden. The loopback devices have an additional cover that is mounted on top of a round-strand product. Outgoing ends form loops.

We also produce soft towel-type-sling for loading of rolled tubular products. In this case, the round-strand device is complemented by a woven wide overlay for the pipe. This design allows you to stabilize the position of long loads when lifting.

Round-strand textile slings from LLC Strop-Komplekt

  • High flexibility and durability.
  • Ease of use.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The increased loading capacity.
  • Wear resistance.

To prevent misuse, all products are labeled in accordance with the standard. Cargo devices are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, high humidity and adverse climatic conditions.

For purchasing round-strand textile slings, contact the office in Yekaterinburg at the indicated phone number.