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Combined USK 3 sling (rope-chain-rope)


Combined chain slings have a load-bearing part

at the base and elements of steel rope on the edges of the product.

Used for moving metal structures,

parts with sharp edges, rails, beams, etc.

Sling designation, (g/p)G / P (tn)D rope, (mm)Chain gauge, (mm)Order registration
USK 3-1.01,011,06 х 18
USK 3-1.61,613,08 х 24
USK 3-2.02,015,08 х 24
USK 3-2.52,516,510 х 30
USK 3-3.23,219,510 х 30
USK 3-4.04,021,013 х 39
USK 3-5.05,024,013 х 39
USK 3-6.36,327,016 х 48

The manufacture of combined slings УСК-Ц is regulated by normative documents GOST 25573-82 and CD 10-231-98.

The combined sling consists of three parts: rope-chain-rope. We make the extreme elements of the sling from a steel rope, and we make the main part of the sling from a chain, breaking loads of which are higher than that of the rope part.

As well as in the looped slings, the ends of the rope are sealed by crimping or manual braiding.

We can produce any lengths of chain and rope parts, depending on your request and need.

In addition to the classic version of УСК3, at your request, we can make various types of the combined sling and equip it with additional arms, components, hooks, fittings.

The maximum lifting capacity of УСKЦ is 6.3 tons.

Labeling example of combined slings (rope-chain-rope):

— 2СКЦ — double rope and chain sling;

— 4СКЦ — spider rope and chain sling.


  • High degree of flexibility.
  • Wear resistance. The chain is not afraid of the sharp edges of the transported load.
  • Components used in the manufacture of slings are resistant to corrosion, temperature extremes, aggressive and chemical influences.
  • A round link lightweight chain of strength class 8 and a steel rope are used for manufacture of combined slings in accordance with GOST 2688-80. The finished product has a safety factor of 6: 1. These factors exclude the possibility of break, even with a sharp increase in load.
  • Chain part provides durability of the sling, and the rope part allows to facilitate the sling and to reduce the cost of the product. Also, the rope part of the sling provides shock-absorbing properties under dynamic loads, preventing tearing.
  • We supply slings with a convenient round tag 2-3 mm thick, which is woven into the strand of the rope and securely fixed there. Such a tag does not cling to the load and does not scratch the hands of slingers.

 LLC Strop-Komplekt provides a continuous warranty on rope and chain slings. It is possible to pack products in pallets, bags, barrels, stretch film. Our managers provide detailed consultations and assistance in choosing a specific product by phone +7 (343) 228-38-86. By contacting us, you can also get information about the exact cost.