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Rope sling ring SKK1 (USK2)

Sling designation, (g/p)G / P (tn)D rope, (mm)Order registration
SKK1 (USK2) - 0.630,636,9
SKK1 (USK2) - 0.80,87,6
SKK1 (USK2) - 1.01,08,3
SKK1 (USK2) - 1.61,69,6
SKK1 (USK2) - 2.02,011,5
SKK1 (USK2) - 2.52,512,0
SKK1 (USK2) - 3.23,213,5
SKK1 (USK2) - 4.04,015,0
SKK1 (USK2) - 5.05,016,5
SKK1 (USK2) - 6.36,320,0
SKK1 (USK2) - 8.08,022,0
SKK1 (USK2) - 10.010,023,5
SKK1 (USK2) - 12.512,527,0
SKK1 (USK2) - 16.016,031,0
SKK1 (USK2) - 20.020,033,0
SKK1 (USK2) - 25.025,039,5
SKK1 (USK2) - 32.032,045,5

Ring rope sling CKK1 (УСK2)

This product is a piece of steel rope closed in a ring. As well as in the looped slings, the ends of the rope are sealed by crimping or manual braiding. Unlike loop rope slings, ring diameters use smaller rope diameters with equal load capacities, which makes these products more flexible and convenient to use.


Ring slings are made according to GOST 25573-82 and are intended for use as load-lifting devices in construction, industrial enterprises and storage facilities, river and sea ports, shipbuilding and nuclear industry, railway transport.

CKK are applied when there is no opportunity to get hooked for freight. For example, in the absence of loops, eyes and a special fitting. Other case – when it is necessary to tie freight with a choke hitch.

The presented products are characterized by resistance to significant loads. The risk of their break is very low, since the destruction occurs gradually, which means it cannot be unnoticed.

Key feature of ring rope slings is their good flexibility along with excellent load-bearing capacity.


* high strength and durability;

* safety factor 6: 1;

* the ability to compensate for dynamic loads;

* gradual destruction of the sling during overload, which allows you to notice it in the early stages.

We provide a long guarantee for rope slings, which is evidence of their excellent quality. It is possible to pack products in pallets, bags, etc. Our managers provide detailed consultations and assistance in choosing a specific product by phone +7 (343) 228-38-86. By contacting us, you can also get information about the exact cost.