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Methods of sealing the ends of the rope

In the production of rope slings, the sealing of the ends of the rope can be performed in 2 ways:

Manual braiding of the rope with the subsequent winding of the ends of the strands with wire (bandage)

Crimping with an aluminum sleeve



file/products/strop-kanat/zapletka_detal_no.pngSealing the ends of rope slings is performed by braiding followed by winding the braided sections with steel wire (GOST 25573-82) reduced to a cone, provides a smooth transition of the braided section to the working diameter of the rope, isolates the protruding ends of the strands and protects the hands of slingers from damage, which meets the requirements of industrial safety at enterprises.

 file/products/strop-kanat/opressovka2detal_no.pngIn this case, the slings are pressed with an aluminum tube on a hydraulic press, with mandatory subsequent grinding, which eliminates damage to the hands during operation of the product.