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Rope loop sling SKP1 (USK1)

Sling designation, (g/p)G / P (tn)D rope, (mm)Order registration
SKP1 (USK1) - 0.50,58,3
SKP1 (USK1) - 0.630,639,1
SKP1 (USK1) - 0.80,89,6
SKP1 (USK1) - 1.01,011,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 1.251,2512,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 1.61,613,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 2.02,015,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 2.52,516,5
SKP1 (USK1) - 3.23,219,5
SKP1 (USK1) - 4.04,021,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 5.05,024,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 6.36,327,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 8.08,030,5
SKP1 (USK1) - 10.010,032,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 12.012,539,5
SKP1 (USK1) - 16.016,039,0
SKP1 (USK1) - 20.020,045,5

Main advantages of rope loop slings

The presented products are characterized by resistance to significant loads. The risk of their break is very low, since the destruction occurs gradually, which means it cannot be unnoticed. In the event that it is detected at an early stage, product repair is possible.

A key feature of rope loop slings is their good flexibility along with excellent load-bearing capacity. It should also be noted that the products have a wide range of operating temperatures: from -50 to +400 degrees Celsius. We provide a long guarantee for rope loop slings, which is evidence of their excellent quality. It is possible to pack products in pallets, bags, etc.

When you need to buy products with excellent performance at a bargain price, contact us. We are open for cooperation with customers from Yekaterinburg, Surgut and all regions of Russia. The office and warehouse of the company are located within walking distance from each other, so that each client can save their own time for product receiving. Our managers provide detailed consultations and assistance in choosing a specific product by phone +7 (343) 228-38-86. By contacting us, you can also get information about the exact cost.