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Single-branch rope sling (1SK)

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Rope slings 1 SK for lifting and moving loads

For hanging on the crane hook in the form of a stand alone unit or used as extension cable (the adapter, podstrony) for branches of the spider.

Sling designation, (g/p)G / P (tn)D rope, (mm)Order registration
1SK - 1,01,011,0
1SK- 1,61,613,0
1SK- 2,02,015,0
1SK- 2,52,516,5
1SK- 3,23,219,5
1SK- 4,04,021,0
1SK- 6,36,327,0
1SK- 8,08,030,5
1SK- 10,010,032,0
1SK- 12,512,539,5
  • 1CK Single slings of are made of a steel rope according to the requirements and standards of GOST 25573-82.
  • Scopes of rope slings: industrial production, construction, warehouses, oil and gas industry, ports, transport, etc.
  • Slings from 1 CK rope are equipped with thimbles installed in the loops, which prevent damage to the rope. The end element of the sling is a hook made of lightweight steel of 8 strength class. Such hooks are smaller, lighter and more reliable than their domestic counterparts.
  • Seal of the rope ends is made by two methods:

     - The method of manual braiding, when the strands of the dissolved end of the rope are woven between the locks of the undissolved rope, forming a loop.

     - The method of crimping - compressing the ends of the rope with an aluminum sleeve on the press with the formation of a loop.

  • We supply slings with a convenient round tag 2-3 mm thick, which is woven into the strand of the rope and securely fixed there. Such a tag does not cling to the load and does not scratch the hands of slingers.


  • Effective operation at temperatures from -45 to +150. At higher temperatures, the lifting capacity of the sling is reduced.
  • The gradual destruction of rope slings, which allows you to notice it in the early stages;
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Strength and wear resistance;
  • Safety factor 6: 1;

It is important to regularly inspect the rope slings and cull. The main attention should be paid to the condition of the cables, the places where the cable was braided or the places where the cables were crimped by the sleeve, hooks and suspensions.

If you do not know what specific rope slings you need - just contact us, tell us about the mass and nature of your load and we will help you with the choice. Also, for the correct selection of the lifting device, you need to know the size or type of crane hook. Dimensions of the devices and other components are given in our catalog.

We cooperate with customers from Yekaterinburg and all regions of Russia. For your convenience, the office and warehouse of the company are located in one place. This saves you time and allows you to purchase slings quickly. Detailed consultations and assistance in choosing a specific product can be obtained from our managers by phone +7 (343) 228-38-86. By contacting us, you can also get information about the exact cost and place an order.