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Four-branch rope slings (4SK)

Sling designation, (g/p)G / P (tn)D rope, (mm)Order registration
4SK - 1,01,06,2
4SK - 2,02,09,6
4SK - 2,52,511,0
4SK - 3,23,212,0
4SK - 5,05,013,0
4SK - 6,36,316,5
4SK - 8,08,019,5
4SK - 10,010,021,0
4SK - 12,512,524,0
4SK - 16,016,027,0
4SK - 20,020,030,5
4SK - 25,025,032,0
4SK - 32,032,039,5
4SK - 40,040,039,0
4SK - 50,050,045,5

An important advantage of our products is that they are resistant to significant loads. That is why the risk of a break is virtually eliminated. In most cases, the destruction of the spider rope slings occurs gradually. If such damage is detected early enough, then it will not be difficult to repair them.

Another advantage of products is their flexibility, which ensures their ease of use. It is permissible to use products of this type in any climatic zones, as they are immune to high or low temperatures. The presented slings are not recommended for use:

  • for transfer of fragile freights;
  • in chemically hostile environment as it can negatively influence durability and reliability of products.

Our company sells spider rope slings, which are created using high-quality components and materials. That is why they have a long service life. All products of this group are provided with a continuous warranty, which is a testament to its excellent performance.

You can buy spider rope slings on the website using a convenient web form or order them by phone in Yekaterinburg +7 (343) 228-38-86 contacting our managers. The specialists of the company “Strop-Komplekt” will give you the exact price of 4CK slings, quickly process the order and talk about possible delivery methods to Yekaterinburg, Surgut, Cheboksary or any other city of the Russian Federation.