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Wire rope sling

A wide variety of rope slings with different design is presented for you on this page of our website. They are used to move goods of various sizes.

Slings rope - the most widespread type of slings. They are widely distributed due to their versatility and low cost.

Slings are made of steel ropes according to CD 10-33-93 "General cargo slings" and GOST 25573-82 "Rope slings for construction"

Manufacturing of rope slings allow to seal the ends of the rope in 2 ways:

Manual braiding of a rope with subsequent 
wrapping of the ends with strands of wire (bandage)
Crimping with an aluminum sleeve 
(wrapping up)
Ручная заплётка каната с обмоткой концов прядей проволокой (бандаж)Опрессовка алюминиевой трубкой

Rope loop sling SKP1 (USK1)
Rope sling ring SKK1 (USK2)
Combined USK 3 sling (rope-chain-rope)
Single-branch rope sling (1SK)
Two-branch rope sling (2SK)
Four-branch rope slings (4SK)

Distinctive features of rope slings

Wire rope slings have a number of undeniable advantages, and in particular:

  • They are characterized by high strength. That is why they are often used to move expensive equipment.
  • They are distinguished by durability. We use high-quality materials and components for manufacture of the products. That is why wire rope slings are able to withstand heavy loads and are resistant to mechanical damage. Destruction occurs gradually, so the risk of an unexpected break is virtually eliminated.
  • They are relatively cheap. The price of rope slings is optimally combined with their quality.

Slings made of steel ropes are used to suspend loads to the hooks of hoisting machines and are designed to lift or move various loads weighing from 0.32 tons to 50 tons.

We sell slings from a steel rope of the following types:

* loopback sling rope СКП (УСК1),

* ring rope sling СKK (УСK2),

*  combined sling УСK-Ц (УСК3),

* single rope sling 1CK,

* double rope sling 2CK,

* triple rope sling 3CK,

* spider rope sling 4CK,

* rope arm ВK

* and many other rope slings, both standard execution, and under the client's order taking into account his individual needs and features of sling use.

 You can clarify the price details of the product you need with our managers by phone +7 (343) 228-38-86.

Испытание канатных строп
Испытание канатных строп на гидравлическом стенде

As with textile and chain slings, the reliability and conformity of the declared lifting capacity of rope slings manufactured by LLC Strop-Komplekt are checked on a hydraulic stand.