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Sling VTs (chain link)

Обозначение стропаГрузоподъёмность, т.Калибр цепи, (мм)Order registration
ВЦ - 1,121,126*18
ВЦ - 1,51,57*21
ВЦ - 2,02,08*24
ВЦ - 3,23,210*30
ВЦ - 5,35,313*39
ВЦ - 8,08,016*48
ВЦ - 12,512,520*60
ВЦ - 15,015,022*66
ВЦ - 21,221,226*78
ВЦ - 31,531,532*96

Purpose and operational characteristics of ВЦ slings 

The main purpose of the slings in the form of a chain arm with oval links at the ends is cargo tying for loading and unloading during transportation by road, rail, water. The ВЦ chain can be used both independently and in combination with other types of rigging. A sling of this type is characterized by carrying capacity, chain gauge and length, which is determined by the conditions and ease of use.

Subject to the rules of slinging, the material of manufacture and construction give the following operational characteristics to ВЦ chain arms:

  • high degree of security;
  • possibility of tying goods with sharp edges;
  • lack of elastic deformations in the process of lifting the load;
  • possibility of use at any temperature;
  • durability.

Due to the mobility of individual links, chain slings are compact, easy to fold, connect, which is very convenient during their operation and storage.

The company "Strop-Komplekt" sells ВЦ slings of its own production in Surgut and other cities of Russia, which significantly reduces the price of finished products. You can buy our products directly on this website by filling out an order-form. For answers to any questions regarding the transaction, call the sales department of the company, phone numbers are listed on the "Contact" page.