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Chain slings 4CC

Designation of the slingLoad capacity, t.chain gauge, (mm)Order registration
4СC - 2,362,366*18
4СC - 3,153,157*21
4СC - 4,254,258*24
4СC - 6,76,710*30
4СC - 11,211,213*39
4СC - 17,017,016*48
4СC - 26,526,520*60
4СC - 31,531,522*66
4СC - 45,045,026*78
4СC - 63,063,032*96

4СЦ Chain sling has a wide scope of application, which is explained not only by its excellent strength characteristics, but also by a wide acceptable temperature range of operation: it is possible to use products at temperatures from -40 to +200 degrees Celsius. The product is also used when lifting loads that have a non-standard shape or dimensions. They, due to their strength, provide reliable grip and retention at height.

Why is it more profitable to buy 4СЦ chain slings from us?

In our company you can buy hoisting products that are manufactured using reliable components. It has a long service life, characterized by excellent strength and reliability. The catalog presents various models of 4СЦ chain slings, which differ in the following criteria:

  • length;
  • chain gauge;
  • carrying capacity.

The value of these parameters directly affects the price of products.

If necessary, you can get more detailed information about the characteristics of the products from our managers by phone in Yekaterinburg +7 (343) 228-38-86. Specialists will answer all your questions, advise on  making a choice, as well as give the exact prices in Surgut and other cities. An order can be placed directly on the website using a convenient electronic form.

The office and the warehouse of the company are located in one place, so you can significantly save the time required for preparing documentation and shipping goods. 4СЦ chain sling is provided with continuous guarantee.