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Chain slings

Chain slings

Light chain slings of high strength, class T8, are made from imported components.

The main advantage of these slings is light weight and flexibility.

Due to its design, the chain has additional degrees of freedom, it can be used with any lifting methods. Alloy steel is used for production of slings and components that is why they have a small mass.

При комплектации стропов могут быть применены любые фитинги (Все  комплектующие  можно посмотреть  здесь!  ):

Комплектация с крюком с большим зевом Комплектация с самозапирающимся крюком

Комплектация с овальным звеном

Комплектация с крюком с предохранителем Комплектация с крюками ограничителями (укорачивателями ветви), позволяют осуществлять зацепку нестандартных грузов
USC chain slings (ring slings)
Sling VTs (chain link)
Chain slings 1CC
Chain slings 2CC
Chain slings 2CC ring
Chain slings 3CC
Chain slings 4CC

Slings of class T8 correspond to PB 10-382-82, RD - 10-33-93, and allow you to move goods with temperatures up to +400 C and are not afraid of open fire.

The catalog contains T8 class products made of steel links connected by welding.

Products  advantages:

  • long service life;
  • high load capacity;
  • durability.

Main characteristics of chain slings

Ease of products' operation is ensured by their excellent flexibility. The ability of these slings to withstand the pressure created by goods with pointed edges should also be noted. And even if the chain slings become unusable due to natural wear or mechanical damage, it will not be difficult to repair them. We sell products are created using components from well-known manufacturers. Chain slings of high quality have excellent performance and are offered at a reasonable price.

Испытание цепных строп Т8Купить цепные стропы
Испытание цепных строп Т8 на гидравлическом стенде модели СИГ-С20-4

The lifting capacity of the chain slings produced by the company LLC Strop-Komplekt is fully consistent with the declared technical characteristics of each type of sling. Our products are thoroughly tested after being manufactured at the СИГ-C20-4 model hydraulic stand.

We cooperate not only with customers from Yekaterinburg, Cheboksary and Surgut, but also from any other cities in Russia. You can purchase desirable goods by placing an order on the website. If necessary, our customer service specialists will answer your questions by telephone, give the exact price of the goods and quickly process your orders. You can pick up the purchased chain slings yourself from the warehouse or using the service of prompt delivery.