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Cargo textile slings
Round-row textile slings
Wire rope sling
Chain slings

We make slings and other removable devices for capture of loads for more than 15 years. Every day we improve for you our product, service and working conditions. Namely:

We make all types of ring and loopback slings according to norms and requirements of GOST and Controlling Documents:


1. Textile tape slings. They do not damage the cargo, but have a limited temperature range for use. Devices of this type allow you to maintain the shape and decorative qualities of the materials being moved.

Labeling examples: Textile loopback sling СТП-2,0 / 4000; Textile sling СТК (л) -3,0 / 3,0 / 6,0

2. Chain slings. They are made of steel with strength class T8. They are not subject to deformation, have increased resistance to aggressive environments, high temperatures and adverse climatic conditions. They are characterized by a long service life.

Labeling examples: Chain sling 4СЦ 4.25 tn 4.0 m; Chain sling ВЦ 3,15 tn 5,0 m

3. Rope slings. Rope slings. Resistant to shock loads and highly reliable, therefore suitable for critical operations. Sealing off of the ends of the rope is carried out by crimping with an aluminum sleeve or by manual braiding.

Labeling examples: Wire rope sling СКП1(УСК1)-3,2/3000 (crimping); Spider sling 4CK-10,0/4000

4. Round-strand slings. Elastic, flexible, lightweight, convenient to use. Withstand high dynamic loads up to 200tn. They easily take the form of load, while not damaging its surface.

Labeling examples: Round-strand sling SСTПК-10,0/6,0 m; Round-strand ring sling СTKK-4,0/2,0/4,0 of m


We supply each sling with an individual suitable tag. If you wish, we make duplicate metal tags on textile slings, and laminate the main tag and sew along the perimeter to the body of the sling.

We use the latest manufacturing equipment for the production of slings: from braiding machines to the latest generation of sewing machines. Before selling, all types of our products are tested on a hydraulic stand with a load 25% higher than the rated load capacity.

We are constantly expanding our production facilities. Today we are able to produce up to 1000 freight slings per day. The question of timing will not be a problem for you.

We consider all wishes of the client - we make slings according to your drawings and sketches. If you have not found a suitable product in the catalog, just tell our specialists about the nature of your cargo - about its size, shape, weight and other features, and we will find exactly what you need.

We promptly deliver goods across Yekaterinburg and in any point of the Russian Federation. For example, delivery to the cities of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Surgut, Novy Urengoy, Nefteyugansk, Pyt-Yakh and others) will take no more than 3-5 days.

To buy cargo slings, contact us at the toll-free number 8 800 200 1206, you can also place your order by e-mailing to