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Mounting belts

Holding tether UPR I UK (Keyless)
Restraining leash UPR II W with shoulder and hip straps
Safety belt construction Keyless Type " A"
Removable slings for mounting belts

If you need a safety strap in Yekaterinburg, then you can choose one among a wide range of quality products of our own production presented on our website for sale.

All products are distinguished by high reliability, durability and reasonable price. Therefore, if safety is not an empty phrase for you, pay maximum attention when purchasing products in this category.

Products are widely used in various industries. They are most in demand:

  • During construction and installation works;
  • In the advertising industry when installing outdoor advertising facilities;
  • In industry - when creating dimensional structures and working at heights;
  • In public utility sector when performing repair and maintenance work on residential high-rise buildings.

Product Features and Applications

We offer a large selection of products, accessories and components for it. We sell different models designed to perform a certain range of work:

  • Armless, fixing the operator (employee) in waist area. For ease of use and holding tools, the design has various hooks and fixtures;
  • Mounting construction belts with shoulder straps, providing a more secure fit and the ability to work without support - in suspension;
  • Safety straps for construction and installation work at a low height.

We also have accessories and different components for straps in sale, which allows you to expand the functionality of the product.

To order and purchase, you need to fill out an order-form on the website, supplying your contact information.