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Tie-down belts

The company Strop-Komplekt offers ratchet tie-down straps for sale. They are used to fix items transported by trucks, tow trucks and other vehicles. Ratchet tie-down straps for fixing of freights are made of textile tapes. They are designed for operation in any weather conditions, they are reliable for fixing the transported objects, without damaging their surface or disturbing the shape.

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We sell two types of ratchet tie-down straps:

  • ring with a ratchet lock - the simplest, but reliable gear mechanism with support which after securing the load does not allow the strap to move in the opposite direction, which prevents the tension from loosening during vehicle movement. The tensile force of this type of ratchet tie-down straps is up to 20 tons.
  • with double hook - hooks are made of durable steel. Such ratchet straps are mainly used for securing bulky goods, such as cars on a tow truck.

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Features of securing cargo with straps

Any bulky or heavy load must be securely fastened before transportation. To do this, you must carry out precise calculation:

  • number of ratchet tie-down straps;
  • downforce due to the force of tension and adhesion of the transported objects to the platform.

This is done so that the ratchet tie-down straps for securing the load “compensate” for the forces acting on it during movement. Compensation should be at least 80% if the fixation is carried out in the longitudinal direction in the direction of travel of the vehicle, or 50% in case of longitudinal fastening back in the direction of travel or in the transverse direction.

When calculating other indicators should be considered as well:

  • force of friction of the cargo with the surface;
  • angle of inclination of the straps for securing the load;
  • method of fastening (cap or anchor).

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