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Mounting chains

Крепежные цепи

For transportation of bulky, heavy or long loads, as well as specialized equipment, special fastening chains are used. They provide reliable fixation of the load and its immobility during transportation.

The fixing chain consists of two elements: a chain lanyard and a chain strand. With the help of a lanyard, the chain strand is loosened or stretched. The lanyard is equipped with a strand rotation direction switch. The chain strand itself serves to directly secure the load. At the ends of this mechanism there are hooks.

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Из чего состоит крепежная цепь

Advantages and scope of application

Advantages of the offered production:

  • convenience and simplicity in operation;
  • high reliability and long service life;
  • wear resistance;
  • maintainability;
  • resistance to temperature extremes.

Scope of fastening chains which you can buy in the Strop-Komplekt company is very extensive. They are used in many industries:

  • in shipping, for securing cargo;
  • on automobile trawls;
  • for fixing masts, antennas and other similar devices;
  • when performing installation or construction work;
  • in the manufacture of suspension structures for various purposes, banners, extensions and other advertising objects;
  • to create compensators, which are necessary for the operation of devices of the safety or supporting purpose.

And of course, lifting devices of this type find wide application in carrying out rigging. They are made, as a rule, of high-quality carbon steel. You can always buy high-quality fastening chains in Yekaterinburg, Surgut and other cities of Russia in the Strop-Komplekt company. We offer reliable and durable products at affordable prices!

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