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Steel rope GOST 2688-80

Стальной канат ГОСТ 2688-80

Steel rope in accordance with GOST 2688-80 and suitable clamps at a competitive market price are available for sale in LLC Strop-Komplekt. Products are shipped from stock from a warehouse in Yekaterinburg. We supply steel ropes used in cargo operations. We sell only those products that have passed factory control and testing. This guarantees their long life, exceptional reliability and safety.

d, (мм)Weight of 1000 m of rope, (kg)Total gain of all wires in the rope, (H)Order registration
4,164,111 550
4,884,415 200
5,195,517 200
5,6116,520 950
6,2141,625 500
6,9176,631 800
7,6211,038 000
8,3256,046 100
9,1305,055 000
9,6358,064 650
11,0461,083 200
12,0527,095 000
13,0596,6107 500
14,0728,0131 000
15,0844,0152 000
16,51 025,0184 500
18,01 220,0220 000
19,51 405,0253 000
21,01 635,0294 500
22,51 850,0333 000
24,02 110,0380 000
25,52 390,0430 000
27,02 685,0483 500
28,02 910,0525 000
30,53 490,0629 000
32,03 845,0693 000
33,54 220,0460 500
39,55 740,01 030 000

Double-layered steel ropes with a single core feature high tensile strength. Products with a linear touch of wires in individual strands differ in diameter. Our specialist will help you choose the best option for specific operating conditions.

Products of this type are intended for hoists, cranes, mining and earth-moving machinery, drum winches, bridge cranes, hoisting devices of mine installations. Also, the steel rope is adapted for use in drilling machines, telfer, hydraulic elevators, ship cranes. It is suitable for rigging ladders, cable cranes and cableways, for various excavators, skip hoists, metallurgical cranes, blast furnaces, and standing rigging.

Classification of steel ropes in accordance with GOST 2688-80

According to the purpose the products are divided into freight and cargo. By mechanical properties, the products can be of grades B, VK, 1. The surface of the product wires can be uncoated or galvanized. The direction of the lay in the ropes is right and left. According to the method of twisting, the products can be unwinding and non-unwinding.

Steel ropes of increased and normal accuracy are on sale. By the degree of balance, the products are divided into unaltered and straightened.

Features and advantages of steel ropes in accordance with GOST 2688-80:

  • provide safe lifting and transportation of goods
  • simplify the process of carrying out lifting operations related to the use of crane equipment;
  • effectively used in combination with special devices for load fixing;
  • ability to work with intense alternating bending;
  • increased structural strength of steel ropes in accordance with GOST 2688-80 allows not only to move and lift loads, but also to suspend them for the purpose of inspection.