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Steel rope

Steel rope GOST 2688-80
Steel rope GOST 7668-80
Imported steel rope

Steel ropes are an important structural load-bearing elements that are used in almost all road-building, hoisting, transporting, digging mechanisms, machines. An optimally selected type of product is a guarantee of its long service life.

During manufacture the product undergoes rigorous control, factory tests. Steel ropes are available for various operating conditions. They ensure smooth operation of hoisting machines. Similar products are in demand on truck cranes, tower and ship cranes.

Design features

Double lay products can be used when exposed to aggressive environments during operation. They perfectly suit for outdoor use. The design of the steel rope involves a large number of wire strands, which adds flexibility. In the outer layer of the strands there are thick wires, which makes it possible to use the rope in conditions with abrasion.

Steel core products are manufactured using proven technology. Only proven quality steel is used for them. High strength and flexibility allow the use a steel rope at a high ambient temperature and a large rope capacity of the crane drum. Protection against corrosion is carried out using a special coating applied during the manufacture. The main performance characteristics available for choice are margin of safety, tensile strength.

The advantages of steel ropes:

 Durable wire fabrication

 Increased wear resistance


High dimensional accuracy


Large scope

  • made of durable wire or thin cables;
  • high load capacity is ensured by increased wear resistance;
  • the scope of application is well-defined in the product passport. For example, lifting steel ropes are able to withstand six times tensile strength, while traction ropes can withstand only three times tensile strength;
  • high dimensional accuracy.