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Hand hoists

Special mechanisms - hand hoists are used for lifting and descending and other movement of load. They are a simple device with a high load capacity of up to 10,000 kg. Lifting height can reach 12 meters. You can buy them in Yekaterinburg, Surgut or other cities of Russia at the manufacturer's price in the company "Strop-Komplekt".

Due to the high technical and operational characteristics, hand hoists are often used to lift, move and stack heavy goods, and therefore are widely used in many areas of production. You can easily manipulate such massive appliances as gas stoves, dishwashers or washing machines, refrigerators, etc. with their help.

Lever hoist
Gear hoist

Hand hoist is a device for loading and unloading and transportation operations, which is a gear or lever mechanism with the ability to move as in vertical and horizontal planes.

In Yekaterinburg, such units are widely used in various fields - at construction sites, industrial enterprises, in retail and warehouse facilities.

Moreover, car owners who carry out independent car repairs or car service owners with service stations usually buy manual chain hoists.

You can choose and purchase devices from a wide range presented products in the company “Strop-Komplekt”, allowing to solve a wide range of tasks for lifting and moving goods weighing up to 10 tons with minimal operator labor costs.

Varieties of mechanisms and their advantages

In terms of design, a manual chain hoist can have different principles of action, which leads to its division into two main types:

  • Gear hoists. They are distinguished by a large carrying capacity and the ability to carry out the movement of goods to a height of 12 meters;
  • Lever hoists. They are notable for their simplicity and reliability, they allow working with loads up to 6 tons at a height of no more than human height.

Depending on the requirements and characteristics of the operation of equipment at the enterprise, here you can choose and buy hand hoists of different designs.

All products are characterized by high performance characteristics:

  • Light weight and compact dimensions;
  • Ease of installation and use;
  • Minimum labor costs for maintenance;
  • Reliability and maintainability;
  • Mobility and transportation;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Duration and safety of operation.

An important advantage of the devices is their energy independence as well, which allows them to be operated at enterprises where there are problems with energy supply, as well as at non-electrified construction sites.

You can place an order and purchase products on the company's website by filling out an order-form with contact details.