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Electric winch

Купить электрическую лебедку в Екатеринбурге

Among the wide range of lifting equipment offered in the present-day market, electric winches enjoy special popularity. Their price is slightly higher than manual counterparts, but they are much more powerful and able to quickly move very heavy loads. With the help of these winches operator efforts are minimized whilst labor productivity rises. You can order various types of lifting equipment by contacting LLC Strop-Komplekt in Yekaterinburg.
МодельГ/П, (тн)Канатоёмкость барабана, (м)Диаметр каната, (мм)V, м/сP, (кВт)ПоставкаМасса, (кг)Order registration
KDJ-200E0,23060,180,6с канатом 30 м36
KDJ-300E0,33070,221,1с канатом 30 м49
KDJ-300E10,33070,221,1с канатом 30 м49
KDJ-500E10,56090,222,2с канатом 60 м150
KDJ-1000E11,060110,234,0с канатом 60 м156
KDJ-2200E12,2100160,176,0с канатом 100 м450
KDJ-3200E13,2100180,187,5с канатом 100 м500
KDJ-3500E13,5143180,189,0с канатом 143 м550

Today there are more and more people who want to buy an electric winch. After all, these mechanisms, distinguished by high operational characteristics, are very simple to use and affordable. Due to such qualities, they are widely used in Yekaterinburg in the following areas:

  • Industrial production;
  • Repair and construction;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicles;
  • Agriculture.

Moreover, compact, inexpensive models are often used in everyday life - to solve a wide range of emerging problems. The company "Strop-Komplekt" offers high-quality electric traction winches of different models and carrying capacity. The equipment presented in the product range will allow you to provide the enterprise with a reliable lifting device, increasing overall functionality and productivity.

Product Advantages

An electric winch is a vivid example of a mechanism that has excellent performance with a relatively small weight and size. This allows you to use it even in the most adverse conditions, for example, with a deficit of free space. Advantages of using this type of mechanism:

  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Maximum ease of preparation and use;
  • Large carrying capacity and the ability to tow and transport objects weighing up to 20 tons;
  • Minimum time and financial costs when working;
  • Affordable product cost.

Use of equipment can significantly reduce operator's physical effort, while increasing productivity and work efficiency. You can order and purchase products on the website of our company by filling out an online order-form.