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Snow chains "Lesenka"

LLC Strop-Komplekt (Yekaterinburg) offers to buy modern snow chains "Lesenka" for trucks at a bargain price.

All products offered for sale meet the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation.

Why are snow chains necessary for trucks:

  • Not to skid on the rise >>> Help to safely overcome snowy sections of roads when driving uphill
  • Not to fall off into the ditch >>> Exclude lateral drift when driving on a longitudinally inclined snowy road
  • Not to lose control >>> Increase the manageability of a freight vehicle on slippery sections of roads in winter
  • Deliver the goods on time >>> You deliver the goods on time !!! Eliminate involuntary stop and idle time of freight transport because of slippery sections of roads in the winter, especially in mountainous areas
  • Prevent accidents >>> Prevent accidents - eliminate drifts, reduce braking distance
  • Save money and save your nerves :) >>> They will save you from unforeseen expenses for tractors or truck cranes in case your vehicle stalls


Why choose our snow chains:

Quality and Reliability

  • High strength steel
  • Reliable welding without cracks and burrs >>> chain breaks are excluded
  • Thickness of a link bar - 8 mm
  • Round Link bar shape >>> due to which the tire will not deteriorate
  • Metal lock


  • Not high price with high quality compared to imported counterparts >>> own production


  • We deliver throughout Russia from 1 to 5 days depending on the distance

  • Quick and easy to put on >>> simple and convenient design of the clamping mechanism
  • Easy to put on even if stalled
  • If you want, we will show you how to wear snow chains in our production or advise in any way convenient for you
  • For each product we give detailed step-by-step instructions for using snow chains

How to order :


  1. Select your tire size In the table below
  2. In the column "ORDER, pcs" indicate how many pieces you need
  3. At the bottom of the table, click on the "Go to processing" button
  4. On the checkout page, carefully fill out the form and click on the "Place an order" button
  5. Next, our specialist will contact you to clarify the details if necessary or to confirm certain details


  1. If OPTION №1 does not suit you or you do not like it, then in order to buy snow chains in LLC Strop-Komplekt just dial the telephone number:
  • Yekaterinburg - (343) 228-38-86

ООО «Строп-Комплект» изготавливает цепи противоскольжения на любые типоразмеры.

Tire size, mmDiameter, mmWeight of 2 pieces /kg.Order registration
240х508 (8,25-20)8/6*18
260х508 (9,00-20)8/6*20
280х508 (10,00-20)8/6*21
300х508 (11,00-20)8/6*23
320х508 (12,00-20)8/6*24.5
1200х370х508 (14,00-20)8/6*24
1260х425х533 (425/85-21)8/6*27.5