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snow chain

snow chain
Snow chains "Lesenka"
Spiked snow chains

file/product/img_9081.jpg Snow chains - an indispensable solution in the case when you have to move not on smooth asphalt, but on rolled snow, soil after rain, marshland, virgin snow or in other difficult conditions. The cost of products totally  corresponds their quality.

The Strop-Komplekt company's website shows a wide range of products among which you can easily find suitable snow chains. You can leave a request on the webpage and discuss all delivery conditions with the manager.


When choosing a snow chain, the following criteria should be considered:

  • disk diameter;
  • tire type;
  • tire width;
  • ratio of the profile height to its width;
  • wheel diameter.

If necessary, our employees are ready to answer any questions that arose during the selection of products.