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Tow rope

The catalog of LLC Strop-Komplekt provides a wide range of lifting devices, including towing rope cables. Customers from Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region can buy such products from our company with the optimal ratio between price and quality.

"Loop— Loop" "Петля — Hook" "Hook— Hook"
Канатный трос "Петля-Петля"Канатный трос "Петля-Крюк"Канатный трос "Крюк-Крюк"

Rope diameter, (mm)Working load, (t)Breaking load, (t)ExecutionOrder registration
9,62,04,8"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
11,03,56,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
13,04,59,6"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
15,06,012,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
19,510,019,2"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
21,012,524,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
24,015,030,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
27,020,037,8"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
30,525,048,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
32,032,060,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
39,540,075,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
39,050,096,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"
45,560,0120,0"Петля-Петля"; "Петля-Крюк"; "Крюк-Крюк"

The rope cable is designed for towing both passenger cars and heavy vehicles. If the car is stuck in snow or mud, stalled on the track or in an inaccessible place, the driver will definitely need such a device.

Rope cables have many advantages. First of all, it is necessary to note their wear resistance - thanks to the special technology of twisting individual steel wire elements, they are provided with resistance to serious mechanical stresses.

Another advantage of these products is their resistance to the negative effects of the external environment. This allows them to maintain their performance characteristics after contact with moisture, snow, dirt, dust, road salts.

The company "Strop-Komplekt" offers for sale several varieties of rope cables, differing from each other by the types of end elements:

  • "loop-loop";
  • “loop-hook”;
  • “hook-hook”.

Choosing a specific modification of the device, it is necessary to take into account several basic criteria: diameter, working and breaking load, length and type of execution. In accordance with customer requirements, our specialists will offer a reliable, high-quality product. The client does not even have to study all the possible options - just tell the manager the conditions in which the rope cable will be used, and he will present a choice of several suitable options.

The office, as well as the production and warehouse facilities of our company are located on the same territory, which allows us to process applications, ship and send goods to Surgut and other Russian cities as soon as possible.